Getting the concept

Monday 03-03-2014

This time we come together to get the concepts going. Some of the idea sketching will be shown below. Eventually we took the best idea and made it into a concept.

The concept is: we have a robot that plays a song trough his mouth, while the numbers on his belly turn. These numbers represent the numbers on the platform and the arms which the children need to go and stand on or hit. That way they get the dance teached by the robot.

In the evening I make a proper sketch of the concept.

Tuesday 04-03-2014

Today we have another look at our concept. Search for flaws and opportunities. We come up with some important problems  we have to solve, but also we find some great opportunities that we have to look into. Most of them are described on the Sketching below.

Tomorrow we meet up with the Tech school to see what they think about the concepts and how they see themselves capable of building it.

After that we will sit together to work out every single detail of the machine.

Wednesday 05-03-2014

Our meeting with West Coast College will be there soon today. It was a very useful meeting, we presented both concepts of the machines to the mechanical- and electrical teacher. It was the perfect time to get everybody more involved in the project and get feedback from every partner.

The WCCF and WCC loved both concepts and after a brief discussion about some details we got a “go” for both. They saw no problems in the concepts of one of the machines. That was one of the things why we wanted this meeting to be this early in the project, we rather changed the concept in the beginning to their capabilities than have to rethink the whole thing in the last week. Of course there can still go some things wrong when we start to work out the fully detailed mechanics but we talked briefly about that as well and there shouldn’t be any problem.

Thursday 06-03-2014

Today there’s not much going on, the CPUT students have some important deadlines on other projects so they asked if they could get this day. This means I’m going up to Devils Peak and when I get back I do some further thinking about the more detailed mechanics.

Friday 07-03-2014

We meet up to discuss all the important parts of our dance robot one at a time. This way we create a good solution to every “problem” that offers him. So in the end we got a good idea about how the robot will look like on the inside and outside! For next Monday I’ll draw the whole machine over again but now with every detailed part on there so we can start to put in 3DCad.

Now I’m going to subscribe some parts more detailed. So is there still a big question about the machine, for that one I got to get in touch with a teacher in Belgium.

The dream of this kid is that they would have a dancing robot that could teach them how to dance. That’s the dream that the team I’m in got to realize. Our team exists out of 3 persons: Marli, Lune and Me. In between both teams we got Corbin floating around to oversee the both machines.

Our machine will look like a robot, similar to the on the kid draw on his drawing. Except our robot will have four arms with numbers on them, a base floor with numbers on there and there will be numbers running over his belly. The numbers at a specific point are the numbers that represent the numbers on the arms and the floor. This way the kid knows how to move which direction and how to put, up or down, his arms. Of course you can’t dance without music. That’s why we will add a speaker to the robot.

The part we are still looking in to is, if we could use some sensors to detect the moves of the children and make it more into a competition amongst each other. That brings a lot of difficulties with it, for those I’m going to get in touch with the Belgium teacher. Probably one of the most difficult parts will be to arrange the speed of the engine to the music. We were thinking about using arduino for this part.

Below you will find some pictures about already some more detailed sketches.

IMAG1766IMAG1769IMAG1758IMAG1754 IMAG1763IMAG1764   IMAG1771IMAG1774 IMAG1776IMAG1777 IMAG1778IMAG1779


Week 2 & 3

17-02-2014 & 18-02-2014

Of to CPUT for making our workshop, everything runs smoothly and we finalize soon. This way the CPUT students cant continue with their other tasks. In the afternoon we go to the store, Shoprite this time! (The right store)

The next day at CPUT we do an overflow of how it will go on Monday everything. We also choose out our costumes. In the afternoon it’s time to just chill out and then check the library for some internet (internet is quite a problem).



Today we have on the program: explore the city. Mainly I’m looking for camera stores, in order to buy a gopro backpack. A longer filming capability is needed for Monday! After that, not much happens anymore, even here it gets bad weather outside.

In the evening I set off to the library again. Here I plan my route for tomorrow, going up the table mountain again!


Getting up and having a good breakfast, pack and prepare to leave for the Tablemountain. It is an hour walk to the mountainbike trail that I have to climb first. Unfortunately I do not find the connection to those paths immediately. I can not really say I have  a good map with my own added lines! So now I’m making a much longer walk of 2 hours instead of one. Finally I’m able to locate a path, one located next to a water reservoir and this way I know where I am!

Eventually arrived at platte klip george, and here we go again! Once at the top,  this time there are no clouds, so I have some beautiful sights. Unfortunately the icy winds is bit of a bummer, but the sweater goes on and there is no longer a problem!

First I’m going back to meclears beacon, this time with a view in to the distance. Then I go back through the “not recommended route”! On this route you do get a 10 times better vieuw.

That was enough for today, got to go back down because I still have to find the right bike path. Luckily I had a good view from above on which path went in which direction. So this time I manage to take to the track that is the shortest route. On my way down I pass a beautiful area, it’s really amazing down here.

Back home I take a shower, eat something and I can start with putting on aftersun!



It’s my birthday today! But everything goes on, just like any other day! I do get some messages  from Belgium, so I’m pleasantly surprised!

We will go back to CPUT today, one more final run through so that everyone knows exactly how it will go Monday!
When we are finished, I’m  further exploring some stores, there is a lot to do around here.

For food, I’m doing “a KFC’ke” today!



7:30 am (local time) The Woman who cleans the house rings the bell! (yes we have a cleaning lady)
The planning today is the district six museum. Then we go into the city, to go to more specific stores and hang  around @ some  local markets.



Today we go to the church, the holy trinity church (gospel). We go along with Moronwa a roommate. One of her acquaintances is coming to pick us up at CPUT, very friendly man. Very interesting experience, very different from ours churches. After the celebration, there is a coffee and thee for everyone. We have been invited to lunch next week with the pastor

In the afternoon it’s back to work for internship. And after that do some  chilling, it’s going to be a busy day tomorrow!


The big start of our project here in South Africa! First we went to the library to settle some little things. And then we head to CPUT from where we leave to Atlantis to the primary school for our workshop with the children! It’s a good hour drive to Atlantis. Arrived we meet the friendly director again and he brings us to our location where he helps us with the room.

A little later we start our workshop, the children are very enthusiastic and work well!  After our first sessions, the children have loads of ideas. At the end they get to choose their favorites! The children also get a little resignation, we clean up the room and we go back to our staying. Quite a tiring day!


In the morning we sit together with the MyMachine team. We take the top 12 and put them on the bulletin board. Now it’s up to us to decide which two inventions will make it! After a lot of review and discussion, we come up with our top 2! Now we got to get started, the deadline will be swift and next week we already have a meeting with the technical school.

In the afternoon it’s time to just quickly go to the store, otherwise no breakfast tomorrow! After shopping I start assembling the video we made ​​yesterday.

26-02-2014 & 27-02-2014

There’s not that much special going on the next days, it are two hot days so we take it a bit easy! But it’s a good time work for internship. I’m two working on assembling the video. I also used the time to do some research and set up my design letters. Two good working days!


Went to INDABA in the morning, a design exhibition here in Cape Town. Maybe it was smaller than expected, but definitely worth it! Moreover, we had agreed to work @ this place on the MyMachine project. We had a very good meeting, teams are divided, have prepared a more detailed schedule and the two machines assigned to the groups. We even popped some ideas thrown them on the table and decisions were already taken in connection with the “work in progress expo” for the children of primary school. In the afternoon we went shopping for “braai” (bbq), it’s Moronwa’s birthday and we had a party. Surprisingly, it was not just for Moronwa but they had done something for my birthday as well!



we go to the ” tourist area ” the waterfront. There is an exhibition about Da Vinci the Genius . It’s an hour of walking, but there is so much to discover on the way over there. So do we catch a glimpse of a military parade in thought of Nelson Mandela , we see and hear some trumpet and trombone playing, and we see beautiful old light tower and much more !

On the exhibition photos were unfortunately not allowed, good thing  that they were selling a book at the end ! It was definitely worth the effort to go along , saw a lot of his major works . I got more insights into his life and the Mona Lisa was abundantly discussed. So was the painting restored to its original color, this with using modern digital techniques, the real one is impossible to restore due to the amazing techniques that Leonardo used . Actual painting The secrets that the painting entailed were brought up for discussion as well.
Fascinating exhibition of a more fascinating man!

After the exhibition we walked around in the waterfront , which led me to purchase a local SIM card . As of now I am here , and I also have accessible mobile internet , Chaka !

On our way back we went pass the  design museum at this time in character of  a famous architect. His  beautiful work is displayed at this place.
Furthermore, we got the tip from the GUILD exhibition, and to find another exhibition at the Art Fair , and to go sightseeing . The GUILD runs until the end of next week so that’ss something for next weekend !


Design phase

Wednesday & Thursday 26 & 27 -04-2014

2 days of working at the video of the workshop, finishing up the design letters and already do some more research for my final project.

Friday 28-02-2014

Today we had our meeting for the MyMachine project @ the INDABA exhibition.  It was a really good one, confirmed the groups, made up a more detailed schedule that you’ll find below and both groups got their machines assigned that they will be working on!

We also did some work for the end of the first step in the project because we have a small work in progress exhibition for the children and we already discussed this exhibition and took some decisions in how we will be having it.


In about an hour we have our next meeting where we wil go on with the concepts of the machines.

Workshop Berzelia primary school

Monday 24-04-2014

Today is the big day, we’ll see how our plans will work with the kids. When we arrived they were already expecting us so that was a good sign! For the set up we were able to use all the material in the school, we even got some helping hands from some children and the director.

At 13 o’clock we started the workshop. The most of the kids were very enthousiast, and all were very happy! Here experienced the same “problem” as in Belgium, you got the hard working kids whom immediately got some great ideas and those who went: ‘I can’t draw, I don’t know a dream machine’. So to those kids we had to spend some extra attention to, to get the best out of them!

We were amazed about some of the kids drawing skills. They were also using a lot of color in there drawings which was just perfect!

So at the end every kid had his own dream machine on paper, and together they made up a top 12 of all the machines for us to choose from. It was a nice experience, something to never forget!

Tuesday 25-04-2014

We meet up with the MyMachine team in the morning. We grab the top 12 the kids selected yesterday and put them on the wall! Now it’s our turn to decide which 2 dream machines we’ll be making.

We went trough all of them very careful and ended up with 2 machines that would fit to the MyMachine project. The first one is a Dancing robot that teaches the children how to dance, the second one is a time traveling machine.

After this we had to end our meeting due to time and other projects the students are in. The groups and things like that we will discuss by email because the next possible time to meet up is this Friday!

The deadline will be there very soon and we already have a meeting with the technical school next week.

Machines kiezen

Exploring Cape Town

10-02-2014 Monday:      

Arrived in South Africa, we leave with our rented car towards Cape Town. It takes some time getting used to drive on the left side of the road, we also had to adjust our watches, ‘cause here it’s an hour earlier. Already from a far distance we see the beautiful landscapes but soon we will be faced with harsh realities of the major townships (poor areas) and the big rich residential areas just next door.

When we arrive at our beautiful Hostel for this week, we ask whether they have any idea for a long term stay. We get the number of a woman who manages an apartment block “the Skyways”. We just quickly go along and find an apartment that they’re just refreshing. All looks very neat! Tomorrow we will pay the advance.

With our residence settled we start in good spirits on the exploration of the surrounding environment, the city also called City Bowl.


11-02-2014 Tuesday:

Today we have an appointment with the CPUT – design department. We make acquaintance with the teachers and the head of the design department, including the west coast community foundation leaders are present. When we got everyone on the same line we examine some touring along the coastline towards Cape Point.

We pass along the famous Muizenberg beach, known for its colorful beach huts and also Boulders beach we see up close. From here we go on to the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. Against all odds, we find a lot of wild animals! We see baboons, zebras, ostriches, antelopes, tortoises, and so much more. Furthermore, we drive to Cape Point where we do a little climb to a beautiful old lighthouse. We get a lot of wonderful views from this point! Furthermore, we go to the Cape of Good Hope ‘most southwestern’ point of Africa, it is also in this area that we encountered most animals. When we are leaving the reserve Baboons are blocking our way. If they let us pass, we drive past a little less secure place back to our Hostel but what a view we get at this side of the mountain!


12-02-2014 Wednesday:

Important day, scheduled a meeting with the Berzellia primary school in Atlantis and the West Coast College, technical school. Again, we are trying to set the dots to the ‘i’. Between the two visits we go to Malmesburry where the WCCF is stationed. Here we get to know the company and the people who work there. They invite us for a delicious meal. A real burger (special of the day)!

After we visited the technical school we continue touring towards the wine region, there we go to a place called Hartenberg in stellenbosch. And you can’t leave the wine region without a proper wine tasting!

On our way back to the Hostel we pass along the most notorious townships (Khayelitsha and Guguletu), call it luck or not, we pass along a beautiful beach that looks a bit suspicious, especially in this strange and terrifying region. But this place has a lot of security presence. Seems to us, therefore, be safe to stretch our legs. The only reason there was this many security around was ‘cause they were recording an advertising  for a foreign campaign.


13-02-2014 Thursday:

Again we’re off to CPUT , this time we get to know the students we will be working with, we discuss the first business, the assignment etc..

When we come out of CPUT we get bad news , the kind of woman skyways tricked us pretty bad. She rented the apartment to someone else who can hire it for a longer term , luckily we get a total refund.. Unfortunately we do not longer have a staying.. But we have no time to grieve , we’re going to look at a place that the CPUT had advised us immediately and bingo! They are shared rooms , boys and girls separately, but everything looks very tidy. Our new staying is the Moravian Chapel , one of the only buildings that, in the history of the district six demolition , survived .

After the payment we drive to the Table Mountain Road and look where we will start our journey tomorrow, cause tomorrow we’ll be hiking the table mountain! Afterwards we continue our trip towards the Hostel where Lies and I continue to do some work and set a few things straight.  Ronald does  a bit of exploration in the ‘ posh neighborhood’ (touristic neighborhood).


14-02-2014 Friday:

6:30, getting up early today! We go climbing the Tablemountain for the first time trough a path called platte klip george, a small hike of about 2 hours a 2h30 to the top. It’s a real climb , with all these big rocks, you can’t really call it a normal walk! Arriving at the top we head for meclears beacon. The sad thing is that her very foggy and wet , the wind is also very strong up here. After Meclears Beacon we go back a little and take a path towards echo valley , unfortunately we do not see a lot of the landscape due to the wether. Arriving in Echo Valley we return towards the central point on the top of the tablemountain where we get to the “upper cable station .” At this point , we are witnessing a marriage proposal, the friendly man asked if I wanted to capture it on camera, wonderful moment! After all this it’s time to get something to eat. We have lunch in the restaurant at the top. Here our adventure will end for today, but of course we got to get back down the Tablemounain. We go back the same way we got up!

After we have eaten something we went to the “upscale neighborhood” that Ronald had already visited and hike around a bit.


15-02-2014 Saturday:

On to the Moravian Chapel this time we already leave our stuff, but we do sleep another night in the hostel, so we can put some more things in order.

We continue towards the Castle Of Good Hope where we find some history.

In the evening we go to Signal Hill, known for its stunning views and beautiful sunsets.


16-02-2014 Sunday:

Preparing for departure, packing our last stuff and checking out.

We go and have a look if the District Six Museum is open, unfortunately it’s closed. But our journey brings us passed the planetarium and Africa museum, this is open and we can’t leave this opportunity. !

After this event we go to our stay, and Ronald leaves for Belgium. A quick explore of the neighborhood and pass by  the store brings us back home.

In the evening I mix me, with a roommate (a Swede), among the local population during Cape malay choir festival. Wonderful to end this day and the week.


Preparations workshop

Preparations Workshop Berzillia primary school

Monday 17-02-2014:

Today at first we started with setting out the big lines for the workshop. We only got 2 hours for the workshop so we got to use them well!

The things we taught that should be in there:

  1. Intro
  2. Brainstorm
  3. Drawing
  4. Presenting


Tuesday 18-02-2014

We meet again, but this time we will do a trial of our workshop with ourselves as the children. This will let us know if there are any defaults in the workshop. We also decide what we will look like; Teglin brought her carnival dressing with her!

Everything in the workshop seems to be fine. With that working we start inventing our own Dream Machine, the one the kids will be able to free. We invent: The Dream Making Machine, it’s a cool pony wit tubes/tails coming out of it ears that attach to your hands to read your mind and all those cool stuff. They will get to keep the drawing over there, thanks to Corbin who drawled the picture.

(Picture is coming up later)

Friday 21-02-2014

This brief meeting is to go once more trough everything and see if we are still on the same page. We also noticed that we didn’t have names to our characters yet! So we gave ourselves some names:

  • Captain Tone; Mad Hatter; Professor Mystery; Bleuf; Daisy; Clefara; Harley; Lucky J.

With this we also matched the colors of the dresses, so the kids can find out there groups!

(Picture coming up later)


Hi there!

Updated the Internship page but of course it wasn’t all about working, the first week was more about exploring the city where we’re staying at and it surroundings!

So the first week we did a lot of touristic things. We went to Cape Point, up the Table Mounatin, Signal Hill, Stellenbosch, … We already did so much, pictures will tell more than words. Here is a link to an album.

Altough it wasn’t all fun, we had some setbacks as well. We pretty quick found a long term staying but out of the blue we got the message they gave our staying to somebody else who was willing to rent it for a longer term.. Lucky we found an other place to stay before our teacher, who joined us the first week for the kickoff, went back home!

This is it for now, I’ll keep you updated from the warm South-Africa!(At least if the internet is working, cause that’s another thing we’re working on!)